Sunday, October 4, 2015

Elder and Sister Elkington –Oct 4, 2015
Our love for the Native Americans continues to grow.  We noticed, as we read the Book of Mormon with Ethan – a nine year old Native American, that he held his copy of the Book of Mormon very close to his face.  He did a good job sounding out difficult words, but it appeared he is quite near sighted.  On Tuesday we talked to the Principal of Red Mountain Elementary School and told her of our concerns about Ethan’s eyesight.  She thanked us for bringing this to her attention and said she would have the school nurse test his eyesight.  She said they have a program to not only test eyesight, but to provide glasses to needy students without charging for them.  It was obvious the principal loves the students in her school and knows each of them.  She thanked us for being concerned and helping her students.
We tool Ethan and three of his cousins to the Heritage Park Branch Family Home Evening at Anasazi Valley on Monday evening.  They thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  They paid attention to the lesson that was given and helped themselves to a large plate of food that was provided (It is a potluck event). They asked if they could come again next Monday.
There are many people and resources available to help these children develop and become self-reliant adults, but they need someone who cares and coordinates the different resources for them.  That appears to be one of our jobs.  This we willingly do with love!
Several appointments were cancelled/postponed this week.  We expect some of these will take place next week.  This weekend we viewed the sessions of General Conference and thrilled with other Church members at the sustaining of three new apostles who were called by the Lord.  Each Conference seems to be more inspirational than the last! 
We know we are where the Lord wants us to be – doing what the Lord wants us to be doing!  And we thank Him for the opportunity to convey His love to the Native Americans and other less-active members!

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  1. I enjoyed conference as well. There were so many good talks. I often pray for you both. It sounds like Sister Elkington's cookies are a powerful proselyting tool��. I used cookies to help reach out to kids in Primary who were less active when I was Primary president, so I know the power of cookies. I send my love. Karol