Sunday, October 25, 2015

WEEK ENDING 10/25/2015
Another eventful week of missionary service has drawn to an end.  This evening our hearts are full as we conclude the Sabbath day.  We took children from the Shivwits Reservation to Church this afternoon.  When we took them home after Church there was a large gathering of family at their home.  The parents, grandparents and the children all called out, “Thank you Elder and Sister Elkington.”  And they mean it!  I really believe the biggest factor contributing to their love for us are the cookies, pies and cakes that Sister Elkington bakes for them and takes to each of our appointments.   I told her we had no idea when we accepted our mission call that it would involve so much baking and cooking.  Her labor of love in our kitchen has opened many doors for the Gospel to be taught.
We continue to be amazed at the spiritual experiences of the Native American people. Nine year old Katelynn (one of the children we take to Church) wrote the following in a tablet she uses to take notes at Church:
“Today I am at Church and I am learning about Church.  You have to come to Church to learn about God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Last Sunday I had my mind on God and Jesus Christ and I had a vision of Jesus Christ and God.  In it, He was helping poor people that can’t see and He made people clean and see again.  I told the Primary lady (teacher) that I saw a vision of God and Jesus Christ.  She said, “Do you want to tell everybody in the class?” I said, “Yes”.  And I told everybody and they thought it was true.  I said, “You can make a vision too, and I am so happy that I made a vision.  I hope you make a vision too.   Please make a good vision about God and Jesus Christ.  I hope I can have another good vision and that I can tell everyone.”
This evening we called on a young couple we have taught a few lessons.  They have cancelled our appointments the past few weeks, so we were grateful to meet again.  We talked of the Atonement and showed the Church youth video entitled “Reclaimed”.  We bore testimony of the truthfulness of the atonement and they opened up to tell us of some difficult challenges they are dealing with.  They said they were telling us because they felt our love and knew we would not judge them.  Our hearts are full that they feel our love and trust us.  He said he would like a blessing to help him deal with his challenges.  We have an appointment to give him a blessing next week.
The stake president and branch president have asked us to call on all the less active members in the Heritage Park Branch.  We have had some uplifting experiences where it is obvious the members have missed their association with the Church.  But, we have also called on some who don’t want to visit with us and want to continue as they are – receiving no contact from the Church.
We gain strength and motivation as we see the Spirit work in people’s lives.  We love our work!


  1. The people may love Bev's baking, but even more than that they appreciate the love behind the goodies. People thrive when they feel loved, which you are both so good at! What a blessing you are to the Shivwit people and your stake.

  2. I think the power of God's love manifested through someone has the power to open many doors into people's hearts. I used a lot of baking when I was Primary president to show love to children, just as you are, so I can relate to what you're experiencing.

    It's wonderful to hear how hearts are opening, and I'm sure a great deal of that is due to the love of God people feel through both of you.