Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oct 4,2015
The second entry for this week.  One of the reasons we have felt we were in a recovery mode for part of the week is because we hosted the district meeting in our home on Wednesday.  A week ago Wednesday at the conclusion of our weekly district meeting, the district leader, Elder Duncan, asked if everyone liked pancakes.  The missionaries in the district (2 elders, 4 sisters and 2 couples - total of 10 missionaries) said they did.  So, Elder Duncan said he would bring pancakes to the next meeting.  After the meeting, we asked if Elder Duncan would like us to bring paper plates - he said yes.  As we left the meeting we got to thinking that you cannot cook food in the Church building kitchens - and no one likes cold pancakes (except perhaps young elders).  So we called the elders and offered to have the meeting at our home where a hot breakfast could be prepared.  Well;, one thing led to another and before you knew it we had to clean the whole house for company, set a beautiful table for 10, cook sausages, cook waffles, buy and cut up fruit and make a fruit dip...Anyway, after the meeting we told the other missionaries to go and do missionary work and we spent the day doing dishes and cleaning up.  The missionaries expressed appreciation and loved our home.  We were gratified to do something for them -but we used all our energy.  It was worth it!  They are super missionaries!
One of the Sister missionaries is from Italy and one is from Germany.  They were so appreciative of the beautiful set table they took pictures of it before we sat down.  We asked if they wanted everyone to sit before they took pictures, but they said no. They just wanted a picture of the table and food - not the missionaries!

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  1. Bev sets a beautiful table, so I'm not surprised they were impressed. That was kind of you to open your home to everyone.