Sunday, October 11, 2015

Elder and Sister Elkington – Oct 11, 2015
Over 44 years ago I was ordained and set apart as a bishop.  As I drove home after that ordination and setting apart, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of love for each of the ward members – even those I did not know.  I came to realize that love I felt came with the mantle of bishop. – It was God’s love manifest through his servant the bishop!  Fast forward to 2015 and Sister Elkington and I feel God’s love for the Native American people.  It must come with the mantle of a missionary, if there is such a thing!  All we know is that we feel an overwhelming love for the Native Americans we have come to know.
We are privileged to work closely with Elders Duncan and Isakson – two of the finest missionaries we have met.  We go with them as they teach and we witness their effectiveness as teachers – they teach clearly and with the Spirit!  Sister Elkington always brings cupcakes or cookies.  I won’t say that is why the investigators look forward to our visits.  But when we go to the reservation with the elders we seem to have more children awaiting our visit each time. Last time there were three cousins visiting and they asked if we would come to their home sometime.  We assured them we would come to their home.
The children asked if we would take them to Church meetings and to the Heritage Park Branch Family Home Evenings held at Anasazi Valley.  We have taken them to both.  And more want to go each time.  We took five children to Church today and were thrilled to see the mother of some of them came to Church and brought another child.  “And the children shall teach them…”
One of the children being taught, Ethan, has committed to a baptismal date of November 7, 2015.  He has a great spirit about him.  In another family, a child, Kiza, is being taught and wants to be baptized.  Her mother and siblings were reserved or absent at first, but recently have joined the teaching sessions and willingly participate.
One family with great potential have missed or canceled their appointments the last two weeks.  We pray for the Spirit to touch their hearts to bring them to embrace the Gospel that they may experience the blessings that come with that action.
We know Our Father in Heaven loves all his children.  And we know we are where God wants us to be, doing what He wants us to be doing! We love our mission!

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  1. I loved reading this. I can tell you both love those you are serving. I often find children are more receptive than adults to spiritual things. Their faith is pure.

    Do they let children be baptized without at least one parent already being active? Do the missionaries simply provide ongoing support, rides to church, etc, when there is not an active adult in the home?