Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekly Report of Elder and Sister Elkington - December 6, 2015
This week has brought the highs and the disappointments of missionary work.  We have been visiting (or trying to visit) a less active member who has an unbaptized nine year old son. Each time we would go to her home she would not answer the door or would indicate she couldn't see us then.  We had decided she must be antagonistic towards the Church.  But then we told her a Native American artist was opening an exhibit of his artwork at the Sears Art Gallery at Dixie State University.  She said the artist was her uncle and she was excited to go to the opening of the exhibit.  Her car is non-operative so she couldn't drive.  We asked her to go with us and she readily accepted.  We took her and her cousin to the exhibit and she now regards us as friends.  The attitude has changed completely.  She now asks our opinion on health issues with her son.  And she seems friendly towards the Church!  We can now fellowship her son so he will want to be taught by the elders.
The disappointment came today when the children from the Shivwit Reservation did not come to Church.  The mother told us on Friday not to come and get the children because she would give them a ride - they didn't show up.  This is the first time they have missed Church in the last couple of months. We will need to talk to the mother and grandmother about either giving them a ride or arranging a ride.

Yesterday we spent half a day watching (supporting) one of the reservation children representing her school in a county basketball shoot out. The benches were very hard but the young girl and her grandmother were thankful for our support.

One of our missionaries, Elder Duncan, was transferred to Cedar City last week.  It's hard to see them go - they become like family!  He will be a leader in this mission.
We love our mission, the missionaries we labor with and the people we serve!
This truly is the Lord's work!

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