Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Report – Elder and Sister Elkington    12/13/2015
Last week we jumped to the conclusion that the mother on the Shivwits Reservation who had promised to bring the children to Church had not followed through.  It is true that we did not see them at Church, but it was because she had gotten the time wrong and had showed up at Church 45 minutes early.  There was no one at Church that early so they decided there was no church for some reason and had gone home.  We feel bad we had judged her intentions in error.  To make amends, we baked her a cake and took her a note this week, thanking her for what she is doing for the children – hers and her nieces and nephews.  We told her she is a blessing in their lives and she will be remembered and thanked by these children throughout their lives.  She told us she would bring them to Church this week.  We said we would drop by in case there were more than she could get in her car.  When we got, there we found one of her sisters had taken the car so they all needed a ride.  We took her and six children to Church.  If this keeps up we will need a bus instead of just an SUV!  This family lives in very humble circumstances.  There are grandparents, three mothers and ten children in a small three bedroom, one bathroom house.  The children sleep on the wood floor with a worn blanket.  There are two pillows shared by all of the children.  We have talked with the branch president to see if he can help.  One of the boys got out of the car today and said, (“Thank you for all you do for us.”)  They set an example of showing gratitude that we could all follow. We are talking with Santa Claus to see what can be done for these children at Christmas!
We met with the elders for a second lesson with a family that has three unbaptized children.  They were excited to see us.  Maybe that excitement was partly due to the strawberry cupcakes Sister Elkington had baked for them.  (The previous week she had asked what their favorite treats were.  One boy said strawberry cupcakes – I think he may have talked with a cousin to whom we had taken strawberry cupcakes.)  The father sits in on the lessons, so he is getting a refresher course in the Gospel.  These are such delightful children – and they are excited to study the Gospel!
Once again, I say, we love the Native American people we serve.  We pray for them and give our all!
We love this mission!

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  1. Hi,
    I have stumbled across your Blog whilst searching on Google for my friend, Bev Smith, who I knew when she lived in the UK. I know that she married a man called Larry Elkington, but I have mislaid her address, and really want to send her a Christmas Card.
    If this Sister Elkington is the one that I am looking for,then I would be really grateful of you could send me an e-mail confirming that and letting me have your address...My name is Elizabeth Williams, and my e-mail is
    I hope that you don't mind me contacting you this way, and I am very sorry to have troubled you if you're not the right Elkingtons!
    Kindest regards,

    Liz Williams