Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekly Mission Report of Elder and Sister Elkington- - 20 Dec 2015
Last week we reported that Sister M’s grandchildren were sleeping on the floor and got cold at night.  Monday the Heritage Park Branch president, Pr. Saling, gave us a Bishop’s Order to the Deseret Industries for blankets and pillows for the children.  We took the order and picked out a quilt or blanket for each child.  We then wrapped a pillow, in a pillow case, with a quilt and tied them in a bundle with a bright ribbon and bow.  We put a tag on each bundle with  a child’s name on it. We have never seen children so excited about a gift as these children were about their blanket and pillow.
Sis M had no furniture in her living room, so the children had to sit on the floor to be taught by the missionaries.  Sis Elkington felt a strong impression that we should go to the Habitat for Humanity store, so we went.  There we found a leather couch and four side chairs that had been in a hotel.  They were in like new condition.  We purchased these and took them to Sis. M.  The missionaries and the children now have a place to sit while lessons are being taught.  We are grateful to a couple in Gunlock who gave us $200 to use for someone in need.  Sis M and her family are very grateful for the assistance.  We are helping the Branch President and his wife deliver gifts from “Toys for Tots”.  I told Sis M that we had a bag of gifts for each of the grandchildren living in her home and that they were substantial enough she would not need to buy them anything else.  She teared up and said she did not have any money to buy anyone gifts.
To top the week off we got a Bishop’s Order to the DI and took two mothers and seven children to the DI where they got Church and casual clothing.  They were thrilled to get attractive clothing that is not worn out.  These people have never asked for anything, but they are very grateful for what we’ve done for them.
Delivering the “Toys for Tots” gifts opened many doors and we have several homes yet to which we need to deliver gifts.  The biggest challenge is that we don’t have phone numbers so we have to knock on doors.  Sometimes it takes several trips to find someone home who will open the door.
Some have said they did not apply for “sub for Santa” gifts.  We explain that the Heritage Park Branch turned their names in if they had records of the children.   One non-member father wanted to know more about us because of the gifts.  He was very friendly.  We had Elder Isakson and Elder Stafford help with the deliveries so the people on the reservation would get to know them better.
This morning the one mother called to say her family would not be to Church because of a party on the ShivWit Reservation.  Sis Elkington expressed regret she would not be there to meet some of our family who are visiting.  The mother said maybe she could come to meet the family.  It is obvious she loves us and appreciates what we have done for her family.
We still love the mission and the people.

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  1. It's amazing how many people are in need. You're a real blessing to these children and their families.

    I feel sad to hear how poor some of the families are. I'm so glad you're making sure the receive help.

    I pray you'll continue to be blessed and guided in your work. We love you!