Sunday, November 29, 2015

Elder and Sister Elkington
We spent most of this week helping prepare and serve Thanksgiving dinner to 95 people in Draper, Utah. This was in response to a commitment made several years ago.  While it was fulfilling in many ways, we really missed the missionary experience.  We were very glad to get back to missionary service and the Native Americans we have come to love.  We found the missionary spirit is only present when we are doing the missionary work.  We are grateful to be back doing what we love!
One positive thing happened as a result of our being gone over a Sunday.  We were unable to take the Native American children on the reservation to Church services.  We asked their mother to take them to Church in our absence and stressed the importance of them attending.  She stepped up and took them to Church.  We were thrilled and now have hope they can stay active when we are no longer available to take them.  We have been concerned about how these children could stay active after our mission ends and we are no longer available to  take them to Church.  It’s great to see their mother getting active.
Yesterday was the birthday of Katelynn, one of the reservation children.  Sister Elkington baked her a birthday cake.  Her family was very grateful.  I believe the baking of Sister Elkington has opened more doors and built more trust than any other activity we have done.
One family lost their 24 year old son last month.  We have called on them several times expressing our love and support – and taking banana bread and cookies.  The father and mother have really opened up as they relate their grieving experiences.  The father said he had kneeled by his deceased son’s bed and prayed for comfort.  Sometimes tragedy opens the door to change and activation.  Whether it happens or not, we will be there to offer love and support.
We are grateful to be part of God’s army of missionaries.

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