Sunday, December 4, 2016

What a week!  We started the week offering “T” a ride to work and back a couple of days this week.  But – he works each day – not just a couple of days.  We are determined to see him succeed at his job – so we took him to work every day.  Since he had to be to work at 4:00PM most days, that was not a problem – but, he finished work between 10 and 11 PM!  That meant picking him up from his job and driving him back home to the top of Utah Hill. The round trip from our home to his work and then to his home and back is about 72 miles.  We’ve gone thru a lot of gas –which is okay.  But, getting to bed after midnight has taken its toll on us.  The bright side is, it’s a beautiful ride during the daylight – but the twisting road is not beautiful in the middle of the night.  We did see a deer run across the road and gracefully leap over the fence.
The ride to work and back has given us a lot of time to talk to “T” about the impact he can have on the youth of the Heritage Park Branch and the prospective elders who are about his age.  He seems to be excited about the possibilities.  He also had us drive him to different public agencies that offer assistance.  We were impressed at the help that is available.  However, they do not provide a car.  The Branch President said he would give “T” a car.  We are excited for that to happen so we can get out of the midnight taxi business.
There are many young adults in the Branch who were regular attenders in their youth – who now are single parents and not active in the Church.  The Branch President would like us to reach out to these members and see if we can get them back to church.  We have accepted this challenge and pray the Lord will bless us in our efforts. When Church members transgress God’s commandments they often do not feel comfortable coming to church – it drives a wedge between them and the Church, which leads to even more problems in their life.  They are cut off from the fellowship of the other members who would provide them love and support.  The Adversary is very clever in driving a wedge between us and Our Father in Heaven!
Today Shaden, one of the children we have been teaching from the Shivwits Reservation, received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained a Deacon.  I was asked to perform the ordinance.  What joy to see him grow in the Gospel and willingly accept the responsibility of the priesthood to serve His Father in Heaven, his family and the other members!
We are anticipating getting back to a normal missionary schedule.  But, with the Christmas season here, we know we will be busy trying to assist in bringing light and gifts into the homes of the Native Americans.  The greatest gift they can receive is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want each of them to know they have a Father in Heaven who knows them and loves them – and that we love them!

Family - please don't try to rescue us.  We love what we are doing.  All we need is a little more sleep!

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