Sunday, November 27, 2016

Missionary Epistle for Week Ending 11/27/2016
Elder and Sister Elkington
It has been two weeks since we posted an update on our missionary labors.  We have been spending time preparing our house for sale - while still serving those we have been called to serve.  We cannot justify keeping two homes any longer – it costs too much.  We have decided to stay in the St George area following our mission.  We love the Native American people and would like to be near, so we can continue to support the children we have been teaching.  Also, this climate is easier on Sister Elkington’s arthritis and the air is better for our lungs.
We helped Sister “C” by tending her daughter while she kept an appointment at court.  She has not been able to attend church the past few weeks because she has not been able to get her car registered.  The problems faced by many of these people seem overwhelming. We admire their courage in dealing with them.
We also got a phone call from “T”, who we hadn’t heard from for several weeks.  He has moved into a house near the top of Utah Hill on highway 91 and he needed a ride to Church.  We willingly complied (we also had him to our home for dinner after Church) and we also agreed to give him a ride to work a couple of days this coming week. We want to support him in his efforts to be self-supporting.  He has been living in the homeless shelter for the past few months. Now he is renting a house and has a job. He has the potential to be a leader among the Native Americans and society in general.
We spent several days visiting a number of Native American families and inviting them to the Heritage Park Branch Thanksgiving party.  A number of them attended the party – it proved to be a great fellowshipping/friendshipping tool. We plan to devote a lot of time inviting members to the Branch Christmas party scheduled for December 17.
We were also thrilled to see our family over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. We appreciate their efforts to see us and express their love.  We have truly been blessed with a wonderful family! We regret that we were not able to attend the mission homecoming when our grandson, Liam, came home from his mission last January.  It would have meant a lot to us, and hopefully to him, for us to have heard that report.
This is the time of year when our hearts are turned towards those we love. Our family, friends and those we have been called to serve.  We love them all and give thanks to Our Father in Heaven for each of them.  We are amazed at the changes in people’s lives when they commit their life to God!
We were too exhausted a week ago and thus did not file a report.  We apologize.  Please know that we still love our mission and receive great satisfaction from our service. There is no place we would rather be than on a “Member and Leader Support” Mission!

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