Sunday, December 11, 2016

Elder and Sister Elkington
Week ending December 10, 2016
Greetings from two very blessed servants of our Father in Heaven.  We love our mission to the Native Americans.  We feel God’s love for these people each day.  And He remembers and blesses them.  Often He directs our efforts to bring an answer to their prayers.
One young Native American,”T”,  has been in the homeless shelter for 3 months.  Recently he got a job and was able to save enough money to rent a home in a remote area over 20 miles from St George. The problem was that he had no transportation to get to his work. We have been helping him, so we agreed to pick him up at his home each day and take him to work.  At 11:00 PM we reversed the process.  This amounted to about 75 miles a day plus the loss of sleep. We knew our health could not endure this schedule for a prolonged time, but he had no one else to help.  We told him we could not continue this arrangement 6 days a week any longer.  We told him we would have to cut back to giving rides 2 days a week and he would have to find someone else to help.   He prayed for help and we prayed doors would be opened to solve his transportation problem. Last Monday he received a car given to him by an RV dealership. The owners had heard of his plight and generously donated the car. It was inspected and registered in his name and all the fees had been paid. These men provided the answer to his (and our) prayers!  He has now been able to add a second seasonal job to help with expenses.
We could relate many other experiences where we have observed God’s love for these people.  Many of them have very little in the way of earthly possessions. But they are very grateful for what they have and they willingly share with others.  We have no need to seek for worthy charities to donate to –the needs are all around us.
The Heritage Park Branch President gave us some forms to fill out if we encounter families in need as we visit.  In essence, he has called Sister Elkingon to be an Assistant Relief Society President. This week we assisted two needy families receive food from the Bishop’s Storehouse.  The gratitude felt by these families brought tears to our eyes. In the one case, we had to pick up and deliver the supplies.  In the other case the family has been providing food to two homeless people from their meager pantry.
We think of ourselves as young (well, maybe middle aged) missionaries.  But the other day a young adult man we have been assisting called someone on the phone and we overheard him say, “An elderly missionary couple” had been helping him.  We hadn’t thought of ourselves in those terms!  But – we could use the energy we had when we were younger!
On Saturday we were invited to a less active member’s wedding.  Then he invited us to his company Christmas dinner and party that evening.  It was a great experience to hear of the many needy causes he supports and he has a profit sharing plan with his employees.  It was very obvious he loves them and they love him.  There are many good people who do not attend church on Sunday – but they follow the Savior’s admonition to “Love one another”.
We are so grateful, at this time of year, to acknowledge Our Savior, whose birth we celebrate.  He was born the Son of God. He died for us and He has been resurrected. We testify He lives and knows and loves each of us!  And we love to serve Him!  Many of the acts of compassion and kindness done by others is an answer to someone’s prayer.

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