Sunday, July 24, 2016

Missionary Epistle for Week ending 7/24/2016
Elder and Sister Elkington
Monday was spent getting ready for Heritage Park Branch FHE.  We prepared pizzas because that is a favorite of the children on the Shivwits Reservation.  (We took four children from the Reservation to FHE).We also harvested some produce from the Branch Garden.  We have a very good crop of corn fed squirrels – or you could say cantaloupe and watermelon fed squirrels.  It is very discouraging to find the corn and melons eaten by the squirrels. It has caused us to harvest slightly early to try to save part of the harvest from them. We have harvested a number of melons and some corn, which we delivered to members of the branch this week. The squirrels got much more than we did though!
We  took some produce to Sister “C” and helped her get linked up with a genealogist from the St George Family History Library who specializes in Native American records.  She was so excited to find records of her ancestors – including two Navajo code talkers who served in WWll.  She is a visionary person who has had visions of ancestors who requested she get their temple work completed.  We are pleased and gratified we have been able to assist her in this important work.
Wednesday we went to the Family History Library to assist Sister “C”.  She found records and photos that really excited her. (One photo she found showed her grandfather as a crew member aboard the ship, Ticonderoga.)  We then delivered produce to several families and then in the evening we took Ethan and Shaden to McDonalds since there was no scout activity. We had a good discussion with them as we rode.  Sometimes we get more teaching done when the scouting activity falls through.
Thursday we watered the garden at President Saling’s request. He had to leave town for a week and asked that we water the Branch Garden while he was gone. We also delivered some produce and a loaf of homemade banana/coconut/zucchini bread to the Tom family.  They were very appreciative and said we can teach them when the husband/father is there. We are looking forward to teaching them..
Friday we met with Sis “M’s” family and participated in teaching them.  We extracted a promise that they would go to Church on Sunday.
Saturday we harvested some more garden produce (water melon, cantaloupe and squash) and delivered it to four families.  Then in the evening we attended a Hawaiian birthday party for a one year old member of the Heritage Park Branch.  We were invited by the parents and we didn’t know what to expect.  When we got there the father explained that it is a Hawaiian tradition to have a big party to celebrate if a child reaches its first birthday.  There was a large gathering (Tables had been set up for about 200 people). There was a lot of Hawaiian food and entertainment. All the members of the Heritage Park Branch as well as the neighbors were invited.. We certainly didn’t need the food, but we did want to show our love for the family.  The Heritage Park Branch is a unique blend of Native Americans, Polynesians, and those who have members of their family in those categories. We love them all!
Sunday we took five children from the Reservation to Church Then on the way home we talked about how our choices determine our destiny – seemingly small choices can have a big impact!  The children seemed to understand what we were saying.  Deciding to attend Church will lead us into a better life than if we decide not to go to Church or keep the commandments.  Elder Elkington ordained Sister “C’s” 13 year old a deacon.
All in all, it has been a very productive week.

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