Sunday, July 17, 2016


It is good to be back to missionary work after the funeral of a week ago.  There is much to do!  Monday was a busy day as usual,  preparing food for the Heritage Branch FHE.  We also harvested produce from the branch garden which we delivered to Sister “M’s” family.  We gave them instructions on how to use the produce.  They have not used Armenian cucumbers or spaghetti squash before and had no idea about how to use them.  The Native Americans may not know what to do with the garden produce – but the squirrels do!  We planted four rows of corn about seventy five feet long.  We have been planning on using it for FHE and to take it to members – But the squirrels got it first.  They have stripped and eaten almost every ear!
Tuesday morning at 7:00AM we received a phone call from “T” asking for a ride to the Purgatory Correctional Facility.  This was unexpected, but we have told him in the past to call anytime he needs a ride for something important.  This was a meeting with his parole officer.  After that we took him to Denny’s for breakfast.  We talked with him about the rampant tendency of Native Americans to live together without getting married.  We talked about the sacred nature of marriage and how it carries with it a commitment that conveys a sense of security and an expression of love.  We asked if this trend is traditional within the Native American culture.  His response was that it is part of the general American culture.  He said that marriage has been demeaned by the legalization of same gender marriages and that young people no longer regard marriage as important - In his words, “It’s just a piece of paper.”  If he is right, we fear for the lack of stability this has for families and for our country – not to mention what it does for people’s relationship with their Father in Heaven!
We had volunteered to provide a breakfast for a district meeting – that took place on Wednesday.  It was a blessing to have in our home the missionaries from our district.  They bring such a spirit of happiness and they radiate the Spirit of the Lord.  It is obvious they are in tune with His Spirit.  As much as we enjoyed having them in our home, it took a lot of time preparing for them – we wanted it to be extra special for them!  We took the leftover breakfast egg soufflĂ© to Sister “M’s” family.
Thursday we had 3 children from the Shivwits Reservation to our home for cooking lessons.  We (Sister Elkington) taught them how to make zucchini/banana bread and how to cook spaghetti squash.  We then provided their lunch and showed them a video on the Restoration. As we took them home, we received a commitment they would be to Church on Sunday. (They were.)
Friday we joined the elders in teaching a lesson to Sister “M’s” grandchildren.  We are helping Krystin get ready to be baptized in August.  She will be eight years old on August 1st.
Sunday we had 10 people we have been fellowshipping come to Church.. We have many we need to call on – We need to carry the message of God’s love to others of His children.  We hope we will find more of them at home!

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