Sunday, July 10, 2016

This has been a hectic week.  On Monday we prepared food for the Heritage Park Branch Family Home Evening (FHE).  We then went to the FHE.  We delivered the extra food from the FHE to Sister “M”.  When we gave the last lesson to Sister “M’s” grandchildren, she thanked us for coming on a regular basis.  She said the children behave so much better when we come.
Tuesday we received a call from Jennifer S, asking us to come and see her.  We taught her several months ago and then dropped her because. she did not keep her appointments. She asked for and received a blessing.  We told her baptism is not to be taken lightly.  We talked about the importance of her and her children being baptized.  She  told us she wants to be baptized and wants us to teach her again when she gets back from seeing her husband who is working in Wyoming.
We went to a funeral in Santequin the latter part of the week for a granddaughter, Amberlee Barnes.   We had several discussions with non-members who were at the funeral. I believe this death has opened the hearts of several in her family, especially her husband and his sister, After the funeral they came up to us  and asked some specific questions about life after death.
We were glad to get back home today – we look forward to getting back to missionary work in our area.

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