Sunday, May 29, 2016

WEEK ENDING 5/29/2016
Elder Larry and Sister Bev Elkington
This has been a week devoted primarily to recovery. Elder Elkington had a root canal on Tuesday.  And we decided Sister Elkington was not recovering from the fall she took.  The doctor said deep bruises can take a long time to heal as we get older (But who is getting older?  (President David O. McKay once said “getting older sure beats the alternative.”)  So we will not complain about getting older!
Still, we decided to cut way back this week and see if it would help the healing process – and I think it has.  Sister Elkington is feeling much better.
Monday we took three of the reservation children to the Heritage Park Branch Family Home Evening in Anasazi Valley (Others could not go because they had been “grounded”.)  The garden is producing now and the children can see the results of the planting and weeding.  However, we find they are unfamiliar with some of the vegetables – like red beets and turnips. Hopefully, they are learning skills that will help them in their life and broadening their exposure to wholesome foods.  We know they are looking forward to corn and melons!
School ended Wednesday and many of the children went to visit relatives in Cedar City and in Arizona.  Therefore, there was no scouting Wednesday evening and none of them were available for Church services today.  At least Sis “M’ called to tell us they would not be going to Church.  She said she would call tomorrow to tell us how many will be going to FHE..  It is good to see the family showing initiative in informing us about what they will be doing.  It did seem strange though, to sit in Sacrament Meeting  without a row of children by us.
We still love the Native American people and our mission.  We look forward to getting back to more visiting with better health.

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