Sunday, May 15, 2016

Elder Larry and Sister Bev Elkington
This week ended with a little drama and some spiritual rewards.  Yesterday, Victor was baptized after some drama.  When he was interviewed by the zone leader he had a bottle of green tea that his aunt had just given him.  The zone leader assumed he regularly drank tea and told him he could not be baptized on Saturday.  I told him Victor did not drink coffee or tea and explained that we had taken Victor and two of his cousins to McDonalds for a treat a week previously.  They were having a special on smoothies, Choc chip frappes and shakes.  The three boys ordered the chocolate chip frappes.  When the drinks came, Victor said he thought it had coffee in it and told the other boys not to drink it.  I checked with the manager and she verified it was a coffee-base drink and allowed us to change to smoothies.  So, I knew Victor was keeping the word of wisdom.  The elders had me explain the situation to the Mission President and he approved the baptism.  But Victor was sobbing uncontrollably and they could not continue the interview.  The zone leader came back Saturday morning to complete the baptismal interview.  We bought a sheet cake from COSTCO and had them write on it, “Victor, Welcome into the Kingdom of God”.  We also bought ice cream to serve with the cake after the baptismal service.  The Heritage Park Branch president, Chuck Saling, had a long-standing commitment and could not be at the service, so he asked me to conduct the service in his absence.  I also spoke on baptism.  Victor was thrilled with the service and the refreshments.  (Sister Elkington has committed to bake him a birthday cake on Thursday).
Victor was confirmed today in Sacrament Meeting.  “All’s well that ends well”.
He exemplifies what the scriptures specify for converts.
Monday we took the reservation children to the branch garden and the branch family home evening.  We enjoyed a good meal (a large portion of which was prepared by Sis Elkington).  The children are also enjoying the produce that we are harvesting from the garden.  I think it is the first time they have tasted turnips.

Wednesday we took three of the boys to scouting.  We had been told there would be a dinner and games.  It turned out to be a program honoring seniors who are graduating and there were no games.  Scouting is turning out to be less than desired – many times it doesn’t happen.  We want to make sure the boys have a good experience.  So, if scouting falls thru, we take them out for treats.  This week they wanted to go to Artic Circle for French fries – so that is what we did.  I’m not sure how long we can continue to afford this type of missionary activity!
Bev is recovering –but, slowly.  She is able to do some things, but if she overdoes it, she pays for it the next day.  She wants the fractured ribs to heal now!
When we work in the branch garden, she gets an uncontrollable urge to pull weeds.  I have a hard time getting her to just watch.
District Meeting and Santa Clara Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting rounded out the week. 
We are blessed with the opportunity to serve in the best mission in the Church – under great leaders, and with great missionaries.  We love it!

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