Sunday, May 22, 2016

Monday has ceased to be our P-day.  It is a day of service – preparing food for and helping get children to the Heritage Park Branch Family Home Evening.  We have been trying to cut back on the cooking and work done by Sister Elkington in providing service to the Native Americans.  The key word is trying!
We took Tuesday recovering from Monday and accomplishing a few things that have gone wanting.  I guess we can call it a p-day.  Wednesday we visited two families in Gunlock and then took four boys from the Reservation to BSA activities at the Branch.  There was a good Cub Scout Pack meeting for two of them and the two 11-year olds had a good troop meeting with first aid instructions.  This is what we have been wanting for these boys.  Maybe the tide has turned!
We met a woman at the grocery store who asked about our mission.  When she found we were working with Native Americans, she asked if we could use some new and nearly new clothes for them. We assured her we could use them and she had us meet her on another day when she gave us some nice clothes which we took to Sister “M’s” family.
The children from the Shivwits Reservation that we have been teaching/fellowshipping asked us to attend their end of year programs at their school (Red Mountain Elementary School).  We attended 2 different programs on Thursday that included 5 of the children.  We were very impressed with the quality and content of the programs – and they were thrilled we had come to see them.
Saturday we took “T” to lunch and expressed our disappointment that he has not been coming to Church the last few weeks.  We told him he would not be able to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood until he attended Church for a few months.  We were thrilled to see him in sacrament meeting today!
We had great Sunday School lessons last week and again today –on The Life of Jesus Christ and then The Atonement.  Class member really participated.  One class member said she keeps coming because she really feels the Spirit when she comes.
We also attended Sacrament meeting in the Gunlock Ward where Elder Elkington had served as bishop.  Today they released Bp. Joseph Smith who followed Elder Elkington as bishop.  They then sustained Lemuel Leavitt as the new bishop.  Both men had served as a counselor to Elder Elkington when he was bishop.
Last, but not least, we made two birthday cakes this week.  Sister Elkington made Victor a devils food cake (as requested by him).  Elder Elkington tried to compensate by making Ethan an angels food cake! (One on Thursday and the other on Friday)  How can Sister Elkington take it easy when they keep having birthdays?

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