Sunday, September 20, 2015

Week ending 9/20/15
Elder & Sister Elkington
We have been calling on Native Americans and have knocked on a lot of doors where no one answered our knock.  But we have had some marvelous visits with a number of people we now regard as friends.  We love working with the Native American people.  They are very open and sincere.
We went with Elders Duncan & Isakson to teach two children on the Shivwits Reservation on Wednesday.  We also went with them to teach a girl in Ivins named Kiza.  In both instances, The Elders did a marvelous job teaching and related very well to those being taught.  We gained valuable insights into how to teach effectively.  We also learned to love those being taught.  They are so responsive to the spirit.  They really look forward to when we come because Sister Elkington normally brings cookies or cupcakes.  They know us well enough they are now specifying which kind of cookies they want.
We continue to meet with an investigator named Jennifer who enjoys our visits, but does not follow through with commitments.  It may be because her husband is not interested – even though he is apparently a member of the Church.
This evening we taught two people we have come to love.  They have two young sons and obviously love them very much.  We taught them The Plan of Salvation.  They were very receptive.  The mother, Mary, said she really identified with the concepts/doctrines that were taught.  She said it awakened many memories of what she had learned as a child on the reservation.  She knows nothing of the Bible, but she is a very spiritual person. The father, Bruce, asked what time the Church meetings start.  He also expressed interest in attending the Heritage Park Branch Family Home Evening at Anasazi Valley on Monday.


  1. I like to read these and guess who is writing. You guys are so loving, they are lucky to have you as missionaries.