Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elder and Sister Elkington
Weekly Report – Sept 6,2015
This has been a fulfilling week.  We spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday.  This gave the Heritage Park Branch members a chance to get to know us. (The stress of talking in Church was almost more than Sister Elkington (Bev) could take.) Then, we went out Tuesday evening to meet less active members.  We met family members in two homes.  We obtained information on when the family head would be home.  Then we returned to the same homes on Wednesday and were able to get two more appointments to return next week to teach lessons. 
One woman said she did not know if she was a member of the Church or not.  We assured her she had been baptized or we would not have her name on the branch list.  She said she had recently been visited by a member of another church and she was considering going to that church.  We asked if she would like us to teach her the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  She gladly accepted that invitation and we have a teaching appointment next week.  She has two young children that need to be taught gospel principles including the power of prayer.  She is a very pleasant person and we believe she is very open to hearing and hopefully accepting the Gospel.
We also have two other appointments to return and meet members of two families.  One of those families has an unbaptized child who will be nine years old next month.  The other family has a number of young adult children.  They are struggling with some difficult challenges - including caring for a toddler grandchild whose mother is in a rehab facility.  We have a return appointment and feel our message can bring peace and blessings to sooth troubled hearts.  We are touched by the heavy burden many members carry.  We know the principles of the Gospel can lighten their loads.
We continued visiting members on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday, we saw members in attendance at the branch meetings that we had invited during the week.  It is a pleasure to represent the Lord and His Church!


  1. I wondered how the talks went. Glad to here you were able to do it Bev. I'm sure that must have taken a lot of faith. I hope you'll be rewarded for your sacrifice. It's great to here about the good work you're both doing.

    1. I meant glad to "hear" not "here." I don't type or write very well on phones.😉