Sunday, April 24, 2016

WEEK ENDING 4/24/2016
This week has been about service, doctor visits, and recovery.  Monday was taken by a dental appointment followed by cooking for Branch Family Home Evening.  We took Sister “M’s” grandchildren to family home evening.
We took “T”  to his last anger management class at the Purgatory Correctional Facility.  Then we took him to dinner and talked about using his patriarchal blessing.
The rest of the week was consumed by 3 doctors appointments and a St George multi Zone Conference.  The conference was informative and inspirational.  But Sister Elkington found she has been pushing too hard and not leaving time to recover from the fall she had. She could not sit through all of the conference. She is doing worse that she was right after the fall.  We have been involved in several hours of service at the Heritage Park Garden, but decided Sister Elkington needed to stay down and try to recover.  It is very difficult for her to stay down when there is so much she can see to do. The key to her recovery seems to be not overdoing anything - Work, then rest. Elder Elkington had an ingrown toenail removed, which laid him up for a while.  It seems like a nursing home around here.
We took 2 of the boys from the Reservation to scouting activities Wednesday evening  The meeting started a half hour late, which is normal, but frustrating.  The boys seemed to enjoy themselves. We are trying to get them involved in more than just Sunday meetings.
Today we taught the Gospel Principles class in the Heritage Park Branch (as we do each week).  We also took six children from the Reservation to Church.  “V” is anxious to get baptized and that will probably take place next month

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