Sunday, April 10, 2016

10APRIL 2016
Elder and Sister Elkington
When “T” was released from Purgatory Correctional Facility (Washington County Jail) a couple of months ago, we told him we would be part of his support team  We told him that meant he could call anytime he needed us.  Monday morning (our “P” day) we were at the gym exercising when “T” called and asked if we could take him to meet with his probation officer out at Purgatory.  I asked when his appointment was and his response was, “Now”.  We immediately left the gym and went to take him to his appointment.  We also took him to his weekly anger management class on Tuesday, followed by a dinner with members of our family (Nicole and her sons Jake and Ryan).  We are very involved making sure “T” has all the support he needs to maintain the commitments he has made. So far – so good!
We have been very involved with the family of Sister “M” in gardening in the Heritage Park Branch Garden.  We also took five of the children to Chuckarama Restaurant because they have attended Church five times within the past two months. We offered that incentive to get the children in the habit of attending Church.  It has enabled us to get close to them.  We told them about our family and especially about our grandchildren.  Then we told them they are like family to us.
 On Saturday Sister Elkington gave a sewing lesson to one of Sister “M’s” granddaughters. (We also made French toast for her since she had not had breakfast).   A friend (hair dresser) heard of Sister Elkington giving sewing lessons to this girl and gave us a new sewing machine for her.  One more lesson and she will know enough to take the sewing machine home with her.
We also got a phone call during the week from a friend in Layton who has family in St George.  Her son is very ill and she asked if Elder Elkington would give him a blessing.  We met the family and visited with them for an hour before giving the blessing.  They have a very positive outlook even though he has been chronically ill for a couple of years.  His lymph system has an unexplained leak and he has to have the excess fluid pumped from his abdomen each week (8 to 14 liters). They have a son serving a mission and they have a very positive outlook on life.  We felt the blessing would be fulfilled.
All of this with 2 dental appointments and one doctor appointment made this a busy week.  The promise is “…they shall run and not be weary.”  I feel we are running, but I am afraid we do get tired – does that count?  Oh it is “walk and not be weary and run and not faint” – at least we haven’t fainted!
We do feel God’s love for us and for our family, as well as for the people we serve.

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