Sunday, March 27, 2016

Between company (family – which we love to have visit) and the dentist (which we do not love to visit) we have not had as many missionary visits as we would like.  But we have experienced God’s love for His children.  We (Sister Elkington) baked a birthday cake for a boy on the Shivwits Reservation and banana nut bread for a couple of families which we visited.
We visited a blind member this week who told us he has been blind for fifteen years.  His home was clean and neat.  He told us he listens to audio books and television programs.  We offered assistance if he needs help or a ride, but he said he manages just fine.  We left a prayer, a message and a loaf of banana nut bread in his home and left with gratitude in our hearts for our sight. We are so blessed – the problems we deal with are minor compared to those many experience.
We took “T” to his anger management class at the Purgatory Correctional Facility.  He told us he looks forward all week to Tuesday when he can spend time with us (and go out to eat at a restaurant with us).  He continues to make progress and stick with the commitments he has made to himself.  We consider it a blessing to be part of his support group.
We continue to work at the Heritage Park Branch garden with Sister “M’s” grandchildren.  It remains to be seen what produce we get from the garden, but we hope it is producing better people.  It gives us a lot of time to interact with these children that we love like family.
We met with Sister “M’s” grandchildren with the elders on Friday and taught a lesson on the atonement.  We encouraged everyone to attend Church on Sunday – the grandfather sat in on the lesson and committed to bring the children – which he did! (That is progress, because this is his first time to attend Church while we have been visiting/teaching the family).
We are still distributing clothing to Native American children on the Reservatiom and in the Branch.

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