Sunday, March 20, 2016

WEEK ENDING 3/20/2016
Elder and Sister Elkington
Monday and Tuesday of this week was devoted to service.  We received a lot of clothing from family in Draper.  Nicole sent several large leaf bags full of girls clothing.  Sister Elkington spent Monday (supposedly our p-day) and much of Tuesday sorting through the clothes and ironing them (including about 30 dresses).  Monday evening we had the younger girls from the Reservation come to our home choosing clothing – they had a marvelous time, and the clothing will enable them to look dressed up when they go to Church. Tuesday evening the older girls from the Reservation came with their grandmother Sister “M” to choose clothing.  Then when we took them back to their home, Sister “M” asked if she could talk to us about a serious family problem she was dealing with. She said she just needed to confide with us about a problem that was troubling her about her family.  She discussed the problem and she said she felt we had been called as missionaries to help her and her family. She acknowledged how much help she felt she has received from us and from the Lord. We told her we regarded her as part our family!
We needed to go to Kaysville to obtain some papers needed for taxes.  Tuesday afternoon we took “T” to his anger management class at the Purgatory Correctional Facility.  Then we took him to a restaurant for dinner.  While we visited with him, he told us he had to go to Pleasant Grove, Utah for a court appearance Thursday morning.  We told him we were going to northern Utah on Wednesday and would return Thursday afternoon.  We offered him a ride and he readily accepted the offer.   We listened to and discussed CDs as we rode and we had a prayer before the trip each day. We found what many parents have learned – it is easier to teach when you are driving because you have a captive audience with no outside distractions.  We encouraged “T” to meet with the branch president about receiving his patriarchal blessing – he received a recommend and used our phone to schedule an appointment.  He then invited us to go with him when he receives the blessing.
On Friday we met with Sister “M’s” family and gave them a lesson on the events surrounding the birth of Christ and the events surrounding his death and resurrection.  We used a video and discussed it as we watched – the children gave rapt attention to what was depicted and discussed. Victor has decided he wants to be baptized.  This will probably take place in April. It is amazing what cookies and love can accomplish – in conjunction with some good teaching by the elders!

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