Sunday, February 28, 2016

28 FEBRUARY 2016
Sister Elkington’s dental appointment on Monday slowed us down a little this week.  She went to the dentist for what we thought was going to be a root canal.  Part way through the root canal the dentist determined the tooth was too fragile to survive and so he pulled the tooth.  The trauma of the tooth extraction limited our activity for part of the week.
On Tuesday we did manage to give a ride to the young man recently released from the Purgatory Correctional Facility.  We took him to Purgatory for an anger management class.  Then we bought him a meal and took him to his evening 12-step session.  Sister Elkington loaned him a book she has been reading on the last week of Our Savior’s life – including an extensive explanation of the atonement.
Sunday he spoke in Church about his childhood and youth and the terrible environment he was raised in.  He also told of how his experience being in jail and taking an institute class changed his life.  He came to understand the atonement and was able to forgive himself for some of the pain and suffering he caused others.  He said he used to live “on the dark side” and now he chooses to live in the light.

We went to the Church Distribution Center and purchased a video entitled “How Rare A Possession – The Book of Mormon”.  When we met with Sister M’s grandchildren on Friday, an eleven year boy asked, “How do we know the Book of Mormon is true?  What if is just a bunch of lies?”  Sister Elkington then responded that he could know for himself by reading it and praying to know if it was true.  We then showed the family the video we had purchased.  It contains an account of a man who found a copy of the Book of Mormon that was missing its cover and cover page.  He read it without knowing where it came from.  He followed Moroni’s promise that if he would pray about it he would know of its truthfulness. He gained a testimony of its truthfulness and spent much of his life searching for the origin of the Book of Mormon so he could be baptized.  This young man was touched by the spirit and agreed to attend Church.  His grandmother, Sister M, also agreed to attend Church.  They came to Church as they had promised and the grandmother committed to continue attending.  This greatly increases the probability of the grandchildren staying active in the Church.
Sister M has had a brown blanket tacked to her wall as a window covering.  We found and purchased a new window shade at the Habitat for Humanity Store. The Heritage Park Branch president installed the shade.  Then he led a service project to paint the front room and hallway.  The difference in the appearance of the home, inside and outside is unbelievable!  And the family is so appreciative!
We have started a garden with Sister M’s family.  It is part of the Heritage Park Branch garden and will require we work together with Sister M’s family each week in planting and caring for the garden.  We see this as a way to teach life skills while interacting with the family in a productive way.
We do love the Native American people we have been called to serve.  And we know God lives and directs His Church through a living prophet. He has manifested that truth to us.  We have witnessed that true happiness comes from following God’s commandments!

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