Sunday, February 7, 2016

7 February 2016
The theme for this week has been recovery from illness/injury.  The emergency room doctors were overly optimistic when they said Elder Elkington would be down for 3 days.  It has now been 9 days since the fall and Elder Elkington is still limited in his motion.  He is able to do some things, but he is still limited and dealing with pain.  Meanwhile, his caregiver, Sister Elkington got an infected tooth about the same time.  She went to the dentist on Monday, had some preliminary work done on the tooth and was put on an antibiotic.  Then On Tuesday, Elder Elkington went to the doctor as a follow up on his injury and was put on a physical therapy regimen.  These maladies put a damper on our activities this week. 
However, we did receive a text message that shows we are loved by at least some of those we serve.The branch president called on Sister M during the week and told her of Elder Elkington’s fall and injury.  She sent us a message expressing her concern and love.  It was a very touching message from one who does not express her feelings that much. Apparently, our love for her and her family is reciprocated.
This weekend has been Santa Clara Stake conference and we were thrilled to have the mother of 4 of the Reservation children (including Ethan, who was baptized in November) attend the Saturday evening and Sunday morning sessions.  She has been trying to change her life and include the Church in her life.  Her sister’s death seems to have intensified her desire to be active in the Church.  She requested and received a blessing to help her with the grief she is experiencing over the death of her sister.  Her children’s chances to remain active in the Church are greatly increased by her desire to be active.
We stopped at Deseret Book and the Church Distribution Center on Thursday and met a very impressive Church member who was just released from Federal Prison.  He served 7 ½ years and said he is grateful for the experience.  He said he read 1526 books while he was in prison and some of the Church books changed his life.  He said his family and the Church were not high on his priority list before prison, But that has changed completely now.  He proceeded to pull books off the shelves and tell us how each book had impacted him.  He had tears running down his cheeks as he spoke.  He said he should have been released 18 months ago, but a paper foul up prevented it.  During that 18 months he shared a book and his testimony with another inmate who has contacted him and told him he, his brother, and their sister and family are now active in the Church as a result of that experience. He expressed gratitude he had been given that additional time to have that experience.  He introduced us to his wife who had sent him all those books. 
Once again we have witnessed God’s love for his children who have not necessarily been following the straight and narrow path – He loves us wherever we are and wherever we’ve been!  We are grateful for the opportunity we have been given to serve Him!

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  1. Hello Sister Elkington,
    My name is Jerri and I work at Deseret Book in the Distribution dept in St George UT. I googled your name because we have an order for Bev Elkington and the phone number we have is incorrect. Are you waiting for a dress? You can call me at: 435-628-4495 and ask for Jerri.
    By the way, I'm very moved by your blog! The story of the young man you met here touched me very much.
    Jerri Gibson
    Deseret Book
    Distribution Supervisor