Sunday, January 22, 2017

Elder Larry and Sister Bev Elkington
The end of our mission must be near – We were asked to speak in the Heritage Park Branch sacrament meeting this afternoon and the Gunlock Ward bishop (our home ward) called today saying he received a letter that we are being released the first week of February and asking if we would speak in sacrament meeting on Feb. 12.  Then the Santa Clara Stake President asked us to meet with the High Council on Feb 12.
It’s a cliché, but we do feel mixed emotions – we love our mission and will be sorry to see it end.  But we have run short of energy.  If we were 20 years younger, we would extend, extend and extend our mission! (But 20 years ago we didn’t even know each other.)  So we have to settle for the wonderful experience we have had!
We went with the young elders this week to teach a less-active couple who have a 17 yr. old son who has not been baptized.  The son was not there – he had forgotten the appointment. But we had a great discussion with the parents.  We told them the Church is not a temple for saints; it’s a hospital for sinners.  The father said he really liked that – I think he was not feeling righteous enough to attend Church. We also discussed the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that none of us have lived perfect lives.  If it were not for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, none of us could return to our Father in Heaven.
We obtained the necessary information to get their membership records transferred to the Heritage Park Branch.  The father said he has bought church clothes, so they are seriously thinking of attending church.
We have accepted an offer on Sister Elkington’s home in Kaysville.  So we are trying to work in time to get the furniture removed from the home.  It’s official – we are going to live in the St George area after our mission.  We will miss our family and friends in Northern Utah. But Bev will not be troubled by arthritis as much in the St George area as she would in Kaysville.  And we will be close enough to attend the Heritage Park Branch periodically.  We love these Native American people!
As we are preparing for the end of our mission, we had Sister “M’s” grandchildren to our home for dinner.  We want them to remember our love for them! We also had “T” join them, since he came to visit with us at dinner time – we love him too.

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