Monday, September 5, 2016

Missionary Epistle 70416
Elder and Sister Elkington           
This week has provided a variety of experiences and events.  Monday we went to the Scout office to obtain registration forms for the boys on the Shivwits Reservation (in Sister “M’s” family) to register as scouts.  We also stopped at Deseret Industries to check for scout uniforms – we obtained 2 shirts. We then hurried home to prepare beef stew for the Branch Family Home Evening at Anasazi Valley – the stew was a great hit! (We took 4 children from the Reservation to FHE).
We have told the children in Sister “M’s” family that we would take them out to eat if they attend Church 5 weeks consecutively.  The eight year old girl has attended regularly for months, so we told her we would take her out to eat.  She then asked “Would it be alright if we bought me some new shoes instead of going out to eat?”  So we took her to a shoe store and bought two pairs of shoes – one for church and one for school.  She was really excited – especially when we then took her out to her favorite restaurant to eat (In and Out Burgers).  She was very hungry because she said older kids at school had prevented her from eating school lunch. (It is a good thing for those girls that we were not there observing their bullying behavior). 
Normally we have been baking a cake for the birthday of each member of Sister “M’s” family.  This week was Sister “M’s” birthday so we bought her a large lattice apple pie – she (and her grandchildren) were thrilled!  The little things we do for this family may not be that great, but they convey to them our love.
Sister Elkington also spent a few hours modifying a dress for one of the reservation children.  The dress needed shortened to look stylish.
Then on Sunday we received a phone call asking us to not come to the Reservation to pick up children for Church – their mother/aunt would bring them.  We were thrilled for this because we know the children will need family support to stay active in the Church when we are released from our mission. One of the factors motivating the mother/aunt to attend Church was that Elder Elkington had gone to the hospital to give her a blessing last week when she was seriously ill and in the hospital.  The grandmother and grandfather also received blessings for health issues within the past few weeks.
One way this family receives blessings from their Father in Heaven is through our hands.  We pray we will always be found worthy and able to be instruments through which He blesses others.
We  ended the week on Sunday evening by filling out a food order , at the Branch President’s request, for a family on the Reservation.  We will go to the Bishop’s Storehouse on Tuesday to obtain the needed items.

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