Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mission Report 1/3/2016
Elder and Sister Elkington
We called on several families taking gifts of a box of oranges and a bag of flour.  This was a follow up to Christmas when we were given money by family and friends for needy people.  Some money was left over from Christmas and we felt it would be better to give food rather than money.  These gifts were received with gratitude.   We hunted all over for Blue Bird flour because we had been told the Native Americans wanted Blue Bird flour to make fry bread.  We were unable to locate any Blue Bird flour, but when we took Montana Wheat flour to the acknowledged expert in making fry bread, she said, “Oh, I just use whatever flour I happen to have for fry bread.”  So much for the belief that Blue Bird flour is the best for fry bread.
On Tuesday we had two girls in Sister M’s family on the Shivwits Reservation to our home to teach them how to make banana bread. Elder Elkington made his special macaroni and cheese for their lunch.  (They said it was the best macaroni and cheese they had ever tasted.) Each of them was sent home with a loaf of banana bread and the left over macaroni and cheese to share with their family.  But more importantly – they spent a couple hours being exposed to our love and Sister Elkington’s beliefs and values. 
We have been surprised at how much energy we used through the holiday seasons.  We need to get rejuvenated so we can get back to “regular” missionary work. 
The activities we were engaged in through the holidays enabled the Native Americans to trust us more.  It has definitely opened doors to us.  We look forward to follow up visits.
We missed spending time with family and friends on the holidays, but we wouldn’t trade the love we shared with the other missionaries and the Native Americans for anything.

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  1. You'll need to share your recipes now!

    Scott swears by "Papa's macaroni and cheese." Actually, I use the recipe I found in Grandma's old recipes, but I'm guessing it's pretty similar since it tastes like I what I remember about yours! Shaking the milk and flour in a mason jar always seemed very mysterious to me, though! I take the mystery out of it and just use a wire whisk to blend them well!