Thursday, August 13, 2015

Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - The Lords Army

We have just attended a zone conference of missionaries serving in the Saint George, Utah area.  We are so impressed with the spirit of these young people.  Oh, there are senior  missionaries too.  But, it is the enthusiasm and commitment of the young men and women that is so impressive.  They are taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone who will receive it/them.  The love they feel for those they teach is very apparent.  The meeting was 3 hours long and consisted mainly of training by two young elders who serve as zone leaders and two young sisters who serve as zone trainers.  They did an exceptional job!  They will be prepared to be leaders in the Church after their missions.
We have a new appreciation for the manual entitled "Preach my Gospel".  It is the source of training on how to declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It would be a great manual for those preparing to serve a mission.  But is also a great manual to learn the Gospel and to learn how to be receptive to the Spirit of the Lord.
We love our mission - we feel God's love for those we are called to serve and those who labor with us.
We also love our family and pray for each of them each day.

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